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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Heart wishes...

In the alps of your heart
silly me,
fell in the abyss,
my love
It's burning lava in you
like in the middle of August
And i just want winter rain
i want ice,
when it's almost hell degrees centigrade
on the inside of a dormant hope
your running around empty cobblestones streets in old Dubrovnik
and double espressos in random coffee houses in Sofia
a tranquilized knee pain in the middle of a shoot 
i want it all, with no safety or root
i want a sunset park bench in the times square
i want a laugh that i don't know how to spare
packed up in a suitcase of time
and a backpack of courage
i want your tender savage
i want to take myself on a date
i want to know it's not too late
i want a Classic cigarette but that was once
a guilty pleasure between your lips
i want to touch where your eyes in me
mind kiss

See, i want your early mornings messed up defying hairs
and late night wrinkled sleepless sheets
in smokey, musky, caffeiny halo 
i want to quilt your familiar scent
i want your late night confessions,
i want to my heart, your vent
i want to inhale your voice-mint
and save your tone in my mind's treasury
i want to be your "no clue"
that you have, when they about me, ask you
your third Coffee cup on the row
for the day to go through
and some left over cookies
like me, your lips never touch   
i want random poems on public chirping napkins
that i get at my return of the ladies room
i want your prose wine sips off my eyes bottle
and your metaphoric attention as a main course
i don't even want your bad,
For dessert, my love,
always give me your worse
because i dream of a crashing hug that you would want
out of the bleeding bruises of my soul
that heals your pain.
i dream within my desert mirage,
your monsoon. 

I want dreams, that can't be forgotten
upon coming true
as off my broken wings i flew
unchained of sin and blame
I want to scream your name
with even one single doubt that you heard
I want of your gazes a herd,
Oceans that don't rage in your eyes
and river boats of joy
that i can lay in as you heroically row
I want of your drought, a flow
and in my burning heat, off your hands,
some snow.

I want faces that don't take your handsome features
and voices who talk to me, not in your tone
I want to shake people's hands without flying them a kiss
as if among the crowd, i can be the one you never miss  
I want to eat food that i don't assume if you would like
and fit into a pair of jeans without having to turn around before the mirror
for a sad check
I want to walk in streets where i don't keep inspecting strangers faces
for a familiar loved one
who hides of my eyes behind the blues, my Sun 
to greet a sea breeze without haunting your scent
that i never get to keep in my hair
I want to stop visiting the shores of possibilities
and soak my feet in the salty waves of waiting
I want to read Cohen and Bukowski
in a long train ride to nowhere,
without listening to your steady trying to finally sleep breathing
at my nape
I want to greatly escape
from you to you
and never be found again
oh i wrote this line before!
it comes nagging,
like the truth
that i want so much to believe .   

Perhaps i want so much
of what i can't even dare
but I want all your sadness to share 
I even want of your initials a tattoo
on a spot where even i can't see
I want to tuck your fears beast in me
and never be again the same 
I want books with your name
and a bed of the words you never say
Late night insomniac conversations over black Coffee and dirty jokes
I want life strokes
with a blood system that is not so sweet
and a heart that is twice as strong
I want you to sing me a song
after a card game that you wouldn't let me win
because i am prettier when teased
an upon your late arrival tight hug and hot meal
feet massage and bedtime stories,
I want your ease
but above all,
I want a blank page on refill
and an empty draft box. 

Give it all to me my love
and take only my beautiful
 a little of what you every day, 
with your more than breathing exercise,
holding me guilty of this everlasting smile
that i owe you for the rest of my lifetimes to come
sentenced to your love for every life of me.
so, my love, here's to your golden jubilee
May all your days be as joyfully free
holding you every time in my prayer
till time behaves and wraps your soul up for me
as a fifty multiply infinity grows only younger,

Happy Birthday my Shah, 
I wrapped you my heart wishes 
in a satin box of my verse
i wish this one meets your soul
and keeps you as warm and loved
in my prayers i ask for everything good for you
health, wealth, peace of mind and ease of heart.
Happy Golden Jubilee baby!
5o years younger and inshaAllah,
to eternity.



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