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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or treat?

I want to be the reason why you can't go on
and you can't quit
That irritating and necessary
I want to curl by the tip of your tongue,
at the doorstep of your resistance for a fix
addicted to your roaring hiss
To slip on your cheek when it rains sweat.
To itch where you can't scratch
and to stop when you only need more
I want to be the mad wave to your calm shore
always coming to you for a kiss
i want to be when you have it all,
that one thing you know you miss
when at your best, your worse
The inter to your course
the whisperer to your horse
and its humming wind.
I want to rush in your veins
like at my sight, your Adrenaline
that sweetly saline
as i poetically claim you mine
without your consent
your temple of repent
would be my bosom
and my eyes,
your alleys of lament
i want to taste your fear scent 
be your Halloween lit pumpkin 
wearing your indifference attention
and my soulful stunts' hat
rising in your Classics smokey flat 
in every haunting thought
burning in the ashtray of your insomnia
and hurling beneath the poems
you secretly echo to the winds of your solitude
chasing my every wordily ghost
seeking what seeks you the most
in the valleys of familiar darkness
that strange and intimate
every heart beat you skip
i sip
like the fine wine of nostalgia
your absence sometimes pour into me 
i dip
off your hesitation my certainty
and upon my broom of your mischievous tease,
i fly you my heart at ease
in terrifying black and white.

Scary it is my love,
how we telepathically reach out 
your speech off my mind dictionary
and my rhyming prose at your body stationary
so much office work we efficiently get done
my love,
just within your metrical stare margin
and my masqueraded creepy content
So, when they knock on your door,
the costumed children of my mind womb
give them of your eyes some candy-mint
and treat them into the fairies of your soul, 
a hug. 




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