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Friday, December 4, 2015


In the middle of nowhere
i found myself
alone with a broken car
and a bleeding heart
in the arms of time
He came out of my soul
wearing my longing
unbuttoned shirt
with my tears drops
dangling off his skin

and ablaze
we met 
in a yearning gaze 
come closer, 
His eyes murmured
"set my body on the fire of your love"
drunk on his blurring haze
i yielded to the burning maze
traveling across the galaxies of want
He was kneeling into my car,
my life strip flashed at the reflection of his hair

in the thunderous rain
every glance told a story
every silence screamed aloud
his fingers working on the steel
my hands in the air
reach for his feel
we hugged in a stare

rode the stormy night in a glare
aware of our heartbeats
and of our time,
the flesh dance we share
and the two bodies
melted into one

In the darkness
you are my sun
only before you
i come undone
where have you been all my life?
the moments with you,
are all i could count alive
rising in his eyes
i fell
his arms my home
and my words,
his spell
"By my side, Stay"
He said
tuck me into the loneliness bed
cuddle my anger and despair
cradle my fears into your hair  
nurse this awakened melancholy to sleep
and hide me into your bosom 
as i gently, weep
Hold me in
when it rains
and Sway
for the Time in me  to stand still
and of you i can always get my refill
His Head moaned in my hand
as i softly kissed every erupting vein
rushing underneath, his blood   
i say
You take all my pains
I Pray,
together forever,
For every eternity, 
and a day.
If we ever Part in flesh,
if we ever may
i will never leave you
for i am in you all along 
Our souls are free,
and in love.

And in His kingdom of dreams
he made me His princess
Playing in me
his notes of desire
shivering in between his lips
like the weeping violins of fire
down the stairway of his fingers
every touch was a step to heaven 
i closed my eyes in his embrace
coming to the front lines of my powerless race
His tender grip
my nectar drip
"You're mine'
He whispered,
In in his`arms 
I trembled 
Breathing life into me,
Our Promise is forever,
my love,
of every eternity,
and a day.


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