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Thursday, December 31, 2015


I don't celebrate anything anymore
but the carnivals of your to my eyes,
i await your lunar arrivals
like the fasting believer awaits
his feast crescent
every gaze starves me full
and leaves me as hungry
the ebbs of your absence
fall on my aching shoulders of want
take at my resistance their toll
i drift
within my hallucinating tides
in defense mode.
Ready for your apparition
all of a sudden
i take my life off
stripping every moment without you
on the floor of my solitude
bare feet,
and heartfelt.

In the Heavy smoke of my dreams
i take a dip
drenched in your wined gazing to my verse rib
I bathe in your sunlight stare tub
rubbed with your every hint petal
soaked into the musky aroma of your indirect speech
rinsing all my doubts away in a dotted peck
that you melodiously send across the wireless universes
to my dimpled cheeks starry sky
i scent your returns amber
drip in your every screaming murmur
gliding in my vigorous linger
skipping in every dip a beat
washed away in the happiness floods
of your burning heart laughter
sinking my faceless face into your hiding glares
purified in the sacred water of your drizzle rising
so gracious you are my love
you come and bring a whole new world
of happenings in a peek,
that is just as tender
Howling your thunder
and lightening my darkest
in your storming silence,

Then I wear your alluring glimpse
My branded new dress
is your erupted pulse
designer, your Chirping Kiss
that i pick off your blood rush veins hanger
i like to fit into your getting only younger
free size scarred skin
released from within
like a gypsy thought that you finally managed
to put into floral words
I bloom
in between your sealed lips
roaming my curved mind hips
in a poetic blaze
weaved into your timeless maze
my blushing lines, boldly hiss
as loose as stitched
and for my vagabond hair style
i ride your rosy arrival for a while
clutched and clipped
sprinkled in your Aristocratic Oudh
and almost ready to celebrate your every festive arrival
serving my sweet surrender homemade rhyming cookies
and flying you over,
my bruises of the soul love pumped balloons.
"Together" you said
For this year and every coming one
locked in your juicy lips
and the rose petals of mine
Some Bulgarian Vodka and French red wine 
spilled over the New year's celebration
our love kiss fireworks. 



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