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Friday, December 11, 2015


So, tell me
what do you do
when the longing gets down on you
and eats of your every piece anew
creeping into your resistance stacks
consuming your arrogant guts like snacks
and leaving you starving full
do you wish you never had to open your eyes
for keeping a face so dear
that you don't know what it looks like now
So far in a dream, so near?
do you brush your teeth 
rhyming a vague tune that may be 
was composed for her..
and every song lyrics you hum 
or get dressed only in her words
wearing unbuttoned verses tops
and worn out prose pair of jeans 
do you also wear her love?
as you leave your hair undefied
for her fingers to run the miles before you sleep
into its gravity
and pulls you through
do you also burn your fingers
in a cigarette long
you forgot you lit?
watching her dancing silhouette
playfully rising off the mute smoke... 
do you listen to her loud silence whenever you spoke
and in her absence, does your soul choke?
do you hold this coffee mug tight
as if she would rise on the black spill
rhyming into your veins her tune
turning your every December into her June
right into your heart
for phenomenal solace?
Do you put together her face
out of the puzzle pieces she is to you
do you put out the fire of time
calling her names nobody understands
but you two?
Do you ask the streets she never crossed,
for her feet?
and the roses she never got, 
for her breath..

Do you fight the demons of distance
showing your craving self beyond a pair of blue glares
may be she will swim their ocean once 
and rest in between your shore-lids?
do you taste her blood of oblivion
whenever you bite your lower lip?
this whole of emptiness that never get filled
no matter how wide you spread your arms,
a spot in the left, aches
that line of bittersweet breaks
like nothing makes up for her absence
nor presence
do you roam the late night streets of solitude
for her-never been to this town before- footsteps?
and keep her always in your plate a love bite?
because when its too dark, she is but your light
the blindness of your insight
and to her blurriness, you are the clarity?
do you slide on the curves of her mind hips
your fingers of ecstasy
as she rides your steel pole of fantasy
do you torture hope?
the way waiting rapes your patience
so you take out your seductive lot
and kill her with a shot 
then die along
tell me!
do you arrest this stupid tear
fleeing in the middle of a loud laugh
snuggling it right back
into the handcuffs of nostalgia
to a touch that you couldn't to your memory, save
and a tight hug that your arms only crave
and when you are home,
do you get for her Homesick?
 And when you can't live with her
nor without 
mute becomes your shout
and screaming, forever your silence
do you tell of your sweet lies,
only to her, your true?
do you?
Because darling, 
i helplessly do
Infatuated i am, my love...
just like you.

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