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Friday, December 18, 2015

Your day

everyday someone new
and the one we love is you
you are not yours anymore
all lines are blurring in your mirror
be it a blessing or a shiver trigger
ragging ocean or soothing river
you weather but never wither
like fine wine, the older the better
all cliches work for you
with much ease, you flow
who are you?
greeting you sometimes, he waves
when he feels your itching
after shave
on a skin that shreds faces
you wear in shadows and glares blue
So whomever you that might be
reaching out to your sea
holding with love, your shore
And he who walks by your side
not even he
you are way beyond your own, thee
numbers bow before your endlessly
and time, runs after you for a timeless selfie
what more do you need?
of ecstasy, you just got a seed
you pass lives in a flock of smiles
roaring your name on a spree
crossing universes of eternity
some boarded on their dreams birds
others just took the skyline leap
all on one heart
screaming your love in the deep
we hear you when you don't talk
and when you do, your words, we keep
standing tall on the fence of our minds
guarding you with each loving thought
chirping your loneliness away
holding the earth for you to sway
spinning along the melodies of your heartbeats
and praying in every religion for your happiness
Those you couldn't save,
have saved you 
And those you are saving now
are but in a long distance flight your love-belts.

you touch our lives in ways you can't imagine
you only do
and we learn how to 
riding our madness for you
the world becomes but a grip in our fists
wearing your heart up your scarred sleeve
gray hairs in your beard, red rush in your veins
the faces are all Gaurav
and the names are all the same
collecting you in cigarette packs boxes
and covering our power walls with your captions
keeping you in our tenderness drawers
for when the nights get a bit longer
for when we hopelessly linger  
we curl in your eyes quilt
and sleep.

I can't call this poetry
or may be it is
it's just that out of my heart kinda burst
like many who couldn't be there in the flesh
we know we are soul invited
to your everyday more than breathing experience party.

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