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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fan Firewall

In a dark hall,
I saw
a tiered face 
happily smile
at your sight
a wrinkled skin
beneath her eyes stretch
the love of life,
at your arms spread
a mischievous sparkle
of a beautiful hope
drawn at your hands touch
i saw happiness
in faces that came just for you
i saw children of all ages
holding their breaths
at every fist in your way
silent prayers
at the flying cars
fear it might hit you
knowing it won't
but still, it's you!
I saw hearts raised in eyes
breaths held in throats
i saw tears running at your sad muscles grips
lives dancing at your fingertips
on a melody out of their soul
i saw it all
in a dark hall
sitting in my own world
with you
and your lifetime love story

So Rise
the sun in your eyes
and the moon
spread your wings
and hold the sky
and let them try!
they can't ban of your mind
a thought.
This love you earn
this earth you carved with blood and sweat
nothing they can shall hurt you or might
i heard whistles at your name
claps at your every frame
i felt your presence
in every shivering flesh
at the crashing anger of your steps
and i touched your feet  
at that dark hall temple
where only blessings are offered
in uncounted numbers
and Hearts Box Office collection. 

Your smile
beats the pain
and when you laugh
the world is but an autograph
at your dimples flash
You may not see them
but they watch you
you may not know them
but they love you
just like you do,
and then i saw Him
on my way in,
after a long week of work
and no pleasure
how many days turned into nights
sleepless beneath the life's bread wheel
which moments to steal?
He whispered to his exhausted self
watching a colored poster
waving from afar
going through the crowd
Counting in his hollowed pocket the cash
a vision of his loved ones sparkling eyes
at the worn out dark hall chairs
kept him on his feet
advance tickets will soon be at his greet
"may be she will finally of her heart,
the man to himself whispered
"at the sight of the one man she probably adores,
more than me." 

I saw a boy with his school friends
cheering at the action Stunts
a group of college girls
their dream in your eyes swirls
fire sighs
at your unbuttoned shirt
and when your eyes flirt
even the silver screen,
went red
in our hearts bed
we got you covered
well warmed and wired
let them be 
you are born just to be
and for every life of me
i will be there.
along with all you inspired into your ecstasy
your backbone of love
and Full House always at your call,
we are your Fan Firewall.

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