Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, March 24, 2014


And i get jealous
of every feminine figure around
of how intimidated by them you sound
of every smile you shyly exchange
with a bold devouring eye grip
of their every stare strip  
of every wicked kissing sun ray
and every calling moonlight sway
i get jealous in every dangerous way 
Of those crazily excited Diyptique drops
getting to kiss your neck
then lazily crawl down your chest
of this coffee cup
where your delicious lips rest
of the last smoke in your cigarette
of that black tie and this white shirt
of these lucky buttons
tickling your skin in a playful flirt
of your phone stupid rings
bringing you other women's voices
telling you their mischievous words
I get jealous of every word you say
of every song you nostalgically play
that doesn't bring me dancing to your wildest arena
My Heart, Your Tray

Me, your favorite wine
i even get jealous of my every line
about you
of every sketch of you i drew
even they get to pass by your eyes, heart
and hide in a corner of your mysterious mind 
i get jealous my love
of my eyes staring relentlessly at you
of my hands touching your every hair
behind a screen 
of your gorgeous fat fingers
typing for me
as i desperately wait
for you to just...


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