Always on My Mind you baby...

Friday, March 14, 2014


Hey you,
... i love you
so into you like an itching habit 

like an incurable disease
that i am blessed with
i would never wanna heal of
a massive invasion
an impossible equation
you occupy my strength fortresses
demolish all my resistance towers    
and leave me a prey of obsession

such a savage, gentle barbarian habit
that i rejoice its every colonization
you are the army general of my verse
the persuasive power whenever we converse
its always about you the writing&the oppression

Your sensual being electrifies everything
it burns my feminine weapons
exhaust my languages
tore my strongest lines apart
shake my pouring fingers
and the shivering white sheet 
your eyes are my exceptional treat
where i deliberately sink for a life saving mission

Your magnificent self sets fire to my everything
lightening in my mind furniture
satin sheets of my beds
and your voice blows my silence thunder
as i listen in ultimate wonder
how can your vocal cords play heaven symphonies
in every session?
how can i run at your every word
like a refugee
of you i flee
and to you i declare my victorious submission

Everyday i learn you by heart
study your feelings map
sing along as your silence tap
the music of your lips
and the roaring winds of your sighs
i belly dance for your random whys
sprinkle my soul upon your cries
drench in your rivers of sweat
as i recall your every drop's taste
talk endlessly to your every form
take your every absence by storm
i get angry when you hide
dangling off my solitude tip
blowing empty bubbles of anticipation
until i get reborn in your dimpled laughter
rising from beyond my loudest whisper
holding me tighter
my heart grows fonder
between those words you never say
and the ones your eyes spill in every ignorant recognition.   


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