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Saturday, March 22, 2014

To the Little stronger piece of your Heart...

Tell your son
that you get it wrong at times
you sometimes prose where it should Rhymes
tell him  that you are not perfect
neither he should strive to be
teach him to be human
to appreciate his flaws
change his mind
yet keep his vows 
and  always stick to his faith
more than you did
tell him its a mad world out there
and he has to show his true colors
to survive
fight not for peace
never judge a whole from a piece
tell him you picked the wrong roses
and at times you smashed the right ones
for there are no rights or wrongs
there are only choices
inner intuitive voices
that come from his heart
those are the ones where to start
tell him he should be mercy
when it's most cruel
and to his passion 
he should be the fuel
tell him that you tried
and that being better than you
is simply impossible
he should only be his own human mastery
living his moments off its magical imaginary
tell him its fine to fail
as long as he rises stronger
teach him to be gentle on himself
and furious to every other injustice
every time has its call
teach him to appreciate every fall
we wouldn't have never knew hope
if we weren't first drenched in despair
tell him its almost always unfair
but we still dare
we still care

teach him to believe in his Dreams
and be strong enough to live his worst nightmares
help him to reach out to you
when it's blurry and blue 
your being there by his side
is the Best Role Model you can ever provide.
have faith in his heart
of you, its the best part
so just love him in every way you can

fear no more, 
He will always hold your hand through the darkness
even if with a single "k"
he still giggles saying your name for his self identification.

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