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Sunday, March 16, 2014


In your absence
all the letters fall down
hanging off the line
dead of longing
in the verse cenotaph
the eyes lean on a photograph
while the sighs roar
at the crowded void
you are not there
but here
no, here...
where the heart lingers
some desperate whispers
still call
then fall tall
at your resistance wall
as i randomly roam
Some fortunate thoughts
like a space ball
in your beautiful mind
and come out of your fingertips
to revive the demons of the words
breathing the  letters back to life
like the most satisfied wife
the verse screams
in orgasmic extremes
the lines moan
shaking to the bone
every dot is a shiver
you are always a giver
but the heart is a begger
asking for your every love deed 
these hungry visions your eyes feed
crave your hopeless mirage
seek in your darkness
its own sunlight   
Then you rise 
shining in disguise
behind the written shield  
as mad as wise
i read your otherwise
and bloom
may your coming forever remains
even within that spectacular telepathy.   


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