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Sunday, March 30, 2014


When you call me
when you call my name
i stand in the space of joy
and ecstasy
listening to the orgasmic shivers of your voice
i get astonished
how did your vocal chords turned into musical steps?
its key is yearning
and how did the letters of my name became
those euphoric notes
burning with longing 

When you call me
when you ignite my flame
i melt in the moment of glow
and intimacy
peeking at your every glance of choice
i get resurrected
one breath at a time
how could your eyes turn into life potions?
and my whole being is this thirsty
at the tip of your river, hanging

When you call me
when your lips don't move
i run to your unopened arms
get closer to your enchanting vain
swinging between two rocks of pain  
your absent presence
and your present resistance
on the path of pride i sit
scared to fall in the ecstatic illusion pit
yet frightened to soar in the void of my rambling

but then you call again
and i let go of all my pain
running to where you don't rhyme
holding your most precious time
in my heart.
i realize all i need is just to be
where your silent screams reach.  



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