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Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Souvenir Box...

I don't have anything from you
to hold on to 
to cuddle with in my cold solitude 
not a word
not a rose
nor a smell
not even a clue
but still
i have everything off you
that i need
all the lively visions
your mighty absences feed
all the presences your silence breeds
i keep them for company
in my Heart Box of souvenirs

All the words
you never speak
all the roses 
you never pick
and all the signs
you never mean
all the tears
you hold unshed
i tenderly kissed
all the cities you are yet to visit
are in my eyes
and all the games you are yet to play
are on my lips
all the kingdoms you are to rule
are exotically spread upon my skin
they say i am crazy
but i say we met
in all these places you didn't touch
within your mind
we hugged&kissed
dancing around the wildest thoughts
like loving stars do beyond the spheres  

A memory of you?
no, i have all i need
i have the soil&the seed
in my heart i keep you close
soul of the verse
Heart of the prose  
all those dreams you don't remember
are where we lived the most
laughed the most
and cried our hearts out
you just missed out
all those hugs you didn't crash
are where i get my strength
and all those questions you never replied 
hold the answers i need
all those moments you didn't greet
sparkle for me in the darkest nights
everything about you that was never mine
is what i intimately treasure
for it is only about you
that anything ever means something to me.
And i believe my love
that all the lifetimes we never had
will be the ones we shall forever share. 



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