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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Apodyopsis ...

like an unattained urge
your eyes surge
onto my every intimate detail
unbuckle my pony tail
then slide on the sand dunes of my hair
inhaling your scent off my skin
your eyes taste your presence along my spine 
with every glimpse
quiet and intense
your eyes drench in my ecstasy

They ponder everywhere
between the expected and the unfair
your eyes share
every bit of you in me
around my ears
they breathe
blow away my fears
and strength
stretched at length
your hungry eyes stare
when i have nothing to wear
but your glance
like a silhouette dance
i hide and rise
a part of me lives and dies
when they look at me 

In between your dreams
as real as it seems
i am of your own infatuated telepathy
flesh and blood and fantasy
i am whatever they dare me to be
And they still wander
inviting my storming thunder
in a screaming whisper
between my lips
your eyes eclipse
in the darkness of my light
burning beneath their landing
as careless as demanding
They ask and won't
i become bare before your want

your eyes undress my mind
make love to my every thought
and i moan in a roaring verse
a blessing and a curse
your eyes pledge and plead
riding my thirst and bleed
your love, my creed
and your prophecy
tears roam around
everywhere our souls bound
in a lifetime knot
sealed in a kiss and released in an apocalyptic revelation.  

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