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Monday, October 13, 2014

And Vice versa...

I like
i like these distance arrangements that you adopt
those security margins you draw around your heart
whenever i see your feet retreating one step back
I rejoice in a laughing crack
what do you know my love?
words i hum every night
whenever you untie a knot we once tied
and you restore a truth
we once heroically denied
i get enchanted

Whenever you burned a sail 
you once reserved as a back line
whenever you migrated away 
from The Countries of yours and mine
i never panic my darling, or even whine
i hang on to your every lifesaving sign
for the pleasure of the burn 
and the rise off the ashes
When you ignore all our memories flashes
I wink to your glass eyes
and spear a stare shuttering kiss
i never miss
whenever you hide
pushing me away to your center
almost bragging in a shivering laughter
you? my best awarded actor
I lay back and whisper
as you childishly sneak in for a yearning shelter
off my stormy absence
whenever you pretended to ignore my sensual presence
over your soul
my Cricketer heart beats, bat and bowl
when you uncover in a quote or an upside down book
And that your eyes can see but me wherever you look
And that your lips can shake any other but mine in a lock
i giggle
like pendulum wiggle
what do you know my love?   

Then you futilely tell
that all your senses are no longer my voice captives
that i am no more your Shahrazede
that i don't own you
be it a word 
or a singing bird 
i scatter in joy
my darling toy boy
what do you know my Shahrayar?
to you my moon, i am your every dancing star
because the more you are dipped in your space
the mightier you are at losing this pride chase
So i know how strong it would be the force of invasion
when you come back to me
when you mercilessly come back to me
the one who knows you more than yourself
how can i not listen to what your silence tells?
to your struggling symphony 
how can i not measure your love's rising fever
off the frozen hell of your screening shots forehead?
how can i not be your dream trigger doze
and be for your darkness a shining light ahead
how can i not be smart enough to know
what you are trying desperately not to show?
what lies beneath what you say and what you don't
exposes to my powerful mind kit
so baby, untie whatever you weave and knit
lose your shields of grit and wit
spare your wild horses of denial
a losing race bet
In my love arena, My Shahrayar
we don't pick or chose
we only tell stories of a lover and a muse  
what do you know my love?
if you win you lose!
and vice versa.  


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