Always on My Mind you baby...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I need some air
that doesn't hide you within its fresh stillness.
that i can breathe but you again and again.
I need some space
that doesn't hold you tight to its void
that i can draw closer but to you in its ecstatic vain.
I need some words that don't euphorically describe you
with a new invented vocabulary every time
that can tell but your untold stories, the wise to the insane.  
i need new eyes that can see other faces but yours in the crowd
i need new vocal chords that can't shiver but to your name
i need new skin
So that i can tuck you in
beneath the flesh and the lifesaving vein.
in your absence,
i need thunders, lightening and Rain
in your silence i turn into a mad hurricane
i pours salt in my every wound
i whip my cheeks with rolling tears 
i suck all my blood and sip my verse drain   
i become a wrinkled sheet, and a black stain
in your absence, i howl and weep brainless of my brain  
then i need somewhere to curl up for warmth
for it gets so cold when you put off the sunshine you are
i need to hide wherever you show
between your selfish reasonable and your selfless insane.
i wander again..       
Where can i get another smelling sense
that wouldn't haunt your scent off my skin?
where you have always had but never been...
where can i get these sweeter lips?
that don't burn in the realms of this kiss
they never give or get within
i give in...

i need stronger arms
so that they can hug what is left of me
when i can't tighten them up around you
i need another heart
to love you some more
may be this one doesn't beat your name
loud enough...

May be i need another soul
To shine in your darkest darkness
To reach out where you mind this loneliest loneliness
So by all means come!
scream, shout, break or hum
rage, rant, small talk or beat a drum
or just be that shy guy, uncomfortably numb
Hold out as much as you want
your evil eyes release what they haunt
your melting heart is but a daring stunt
your silence is as vulnerable as blunt 
your silence is just noisy enough... 
So tell me baby,
where did i go wrong?
where did i danced when i should've been the song?
where can i find another me?
to re-love you
when i believe not any other myself
could ever love you  
as much as i do.

Please Always Stay...

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Clementine SRK said...

It's lovely darling, touched me so.
My favorite poet, Love you

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