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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ink Dance...

Broken open
I poetically Dance, the wound
That is eternally fresh
Except it is not the flesh
that never heals
the bruised soul
that bleeds in feels
mad crows
chant in my wicked void
All my Solitude Rhymes
Sinful Hymns in your name

Hurling in the linguistic streets
and the grammatical alleys of longing
undressing the veiled adjectives
consuming the obvious and the absolute
Holding My musical notes palette
painting off your name this stick less drum
Your Troubled stares hum
Such colorful flute
like an inflamed meteor 
Our naked metaphors...burn

covered within your roaring silence
And my fragile exposure
My verse slaughter
Happens every time i call your name
so i angrily curse
As i soul bleed
like i give birth to your need
broken open
screaming the unspoken
the lines quiver
beneath my rhyming whips
pulsate their shivering dots
bursting in affirmative "Nots"
humming your name
my verse lusts again
And again
And again
many times i rise and reign
drunk on your stripping words show
your gazing wine drips
my in sighted Analytical sips
hysterically picking what you don't say
off what you do
i exhaust you
handcuffing your lips
to my bewildered mind bed
where i lay alone every night
after i volcanically erupt in your absent presence
my yearning lava
murmuring your name

I hung you to my cherry lips
And let lose of all my hunger breasts
to devour your pleasure metaphors
tracing your every lie
upon your truthful skin
But i trust your skin!
it sweats your thirst in my dips
And baby i love your veins greet
enchanted at my tongue meet
this landmark of yours i acclaim
my fingers dance within your flame
i mercilessly touch your fire
the funambulist on your love wire
burning in your burn
tearing and torn
my fingers ride your manhood hill
my fingers hold off your lips the quill
of truth
Then spell..your name
what madness are we living?
Honey? or may be not living
what is it about your refrain that insults my senses
i am going to devastatingly conquer your tenderness and you.

Drenching in my heroic anticipation
crossing the towers of your victimized expectation
i soar like a wingless phoenix
that you can never tame
or blame
As i ecstatically utter your name
typing it in the little box
on top of my new born poem to be
And scream my own within your heart Abs wordless workout prose. 



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