Always on My Mind you baby...

Sunday, October 26, 2014


The number of hands that touch you
and are not mine,
The number of lips that kiss you love
love.. that is only mine
On Rewind,
All those thoughts that pass by your beautiful mind
and haunt your brain
where only my name and i can linger
whip and grind
Scattered and redefined
i mindlessly mind!
All those jokes you laugh at
that i haven't heart shared
all those wicked fields your shutters glared
off my wonderland map
are but a crap lap
in the lifeless arid
All those smiles your lips shape
that much away off my calling nape
in any leaping amount
don't count!
All these hugs your arms tighten
around anything that is not my aroused being,
fall flat
just like that!
All those gazes your eyes commit
at everything that is not as curvy as my mind
go blind

All these word games you expose to any audience
that is not my most enthusiastic under cover skin  
don't win!
They sin
Reaching every slot where is not my within
And plead for my scented purification
Your temple i am and your bin 
All Those air particles your nostrils greet
that my heart lungs didn't inhale
unless you refill
off this intoxicated lust mill
your yearning madly fans in my space
All those little things you awkwardly keep,
my love,
if not being cut of my burning flesh
All those dreams you have without having
remember me
All those lines you write without words
word me
veiled and bare 

All those cigarettes you lit
smoke only for my dancing silhouette
at the tip of that Coffee mug
where we passionately hug 
as your lip tip
in a lifetime world trip
in your every sip
I rise and fly
I lie and sit 
in our little secret madness motel of laughter
And cheers...
And all those tears
you never shed
roll but upon the wrinkled sheets of my black lined lid
as you silently lay in my confession lips bed
and repent.
All those shoes your feet dress
all those blues your mood enchantingly swings
even your Tees and Unbuttoned shirts
Don't fit!
until off my verse you're knit
a thread of screaming dots
woven to My larger than life size Cloak of Fantasy.  



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