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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Feast Kiss...

Happy people wear new clothes
loving people wear their hearts on
and i stand bare in between the happiness
and the love
wearing your gaze
gifted your presence present
tasting my longing
as sweet as sauer
with every passing hour
i get reborn
a greeting at the tips of your lower lip
that you bite
when enchanted
at those words your eyes utter
snapped at the click of a shutter
your silence pose to
when all you can give is a shot
straight to the heart call
i embraced the blooming roses
in the prairies of hope
whispered love words to the waving moments
of melancholy
chasing the butterflies of your mind
holding the sparkling sky in my arms
i hug you
like you have never been hugged before
like the healing waves tightly sweep the shore
i would sweep you off your safety seat
keep you on your adventurous toes
unfolding myself, 
a story of your creation
sculpted at your loving hands
out of your smoky nights
and my delirium
Happy Baiyrum...
my love,
whatever you are wearing for a celebration
you may now Feast on the meat of my kiss. 


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