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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Anger management...

Sometimes i get mad
at you
for not being more around
when you are
fisting the air you smoke
into my heart longing lungs
still mad!
for not staying more within
when you are
already deeper in
between the eye and its sight
upon the muted lips,
you get to be the unsaid
rambling that i gulp to the throat of my doubt
and the unshed
that i tear all the time of your absence
the nights that are the angriest
are the most quiet 
the more i long
the more they are long
we don't get much along
the waiting and me
and silence is but a something
you can actually hear
flames of fear
eat me alive,
at the howling winds
for not bringing your scent to my senses
instead of the yearning roses breath
at the shooting stars
for not holding you upon it's tail
into my arms
instead of making million heart wishes
come true..
mad at you..
in every beautiful view
that isn't your face
in every melodious orchestra
that doesn't rhyme off your voice
mad at all the gardens of paradise
that blossom at your touch
into others' heavens
and don't grow on my lips
your Desert Rose...
at the rivers flood of your eyes' stares
when i am not in your void
at the liquid measure of your steps
leaving burning traces on my mind skin
turning every thought into a butterfly
that haunts your light
when it gets too dark
for the verse and the prose
at myself for not giving you enough
of what you are in me about
for not being around your intimate stuff
may be when you need more comfort,
i could melt in your 30th cup of coffee 
your sugar
would then be me!

 I Get mad at the air
that don't bring you to my heart
more than you are already there
at your shirts and your glares
i get mad at your unfair fairs
seeing no faces but yours
all the universe hums your voice to my ear
at your wonderful 
freedom mind cell
our own Heaven in their Hell
out of your yearning closet
Acting yourself around 
Babysitting my Fantasies.


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