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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Early Bird...

It's 10 O'clock!
He arrived early
just like Himself
Got into whoever they want him to be
inviting his soul 
unanswered to the call
He reaches the edges of oblivion
off the Horizons of memory
enchanted by the sun
be it the whole,
or the none
on the run, yet still
listening to them speak
and hearing no one.
Cups of black Coffee chasing each other
all the way to his heart's fast lane
as wise as insane
The Heartbeats win! 

Ready for the shot?
make up done
wearing himself
as Hot
ears wide shut
laughs on riot
He brings out in a glimpse,
his heart
and nerves the erupting veins to plot
whatever is between the lines  
He reads
the unwritten words
pouring out dry
as high as the fall, the fly
doing what he does best
spreading his hurting shoulder
at its widst
striking a pose for a fan on set
this love rain still keeps him wet
and he steps in
as virtuous as sin
the marvelous in his within
and the master of his time.

all in place on sets
as good as it always gets
lines run on his lips
his eyes pierce the air grips
and tell 
of that bounded spell
"who are you?"
Her silence, asked
"that for you to find out
and for me, to discover"
He replied.
without a word 
you will move to this chair
turn around and pass that glare
gun in hand
bullets off his heart
the space is ice
his face is fire
the bird in him,
flaps on a wire
in defense
some of him got spilled
all over the place

They clap
what a snap!
beneath his smile
the world for a while,
neutral to the noise
particular to his poise
picking another Classics on the go
what do they know..
that's a take
first time shots,
has always been his thing
"it was great fun"
taps on his shoulder
smiles all over their lips
another brick of his walls builds
letting it all go
no one cares to know
the fight was merely in punches
but in strikes 
getting ready for the next show
removing this face for a dancing song
it was there all along 
yet it was its time
They hear his satisfying laugh
and on the bloody floor
only one tear


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