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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The warrior of the light..

You are full
And they are empty
you are pull
and they are push
the ebb of you
is their tide
your are the path
and the ride 
what you need
they don't give
what you give
they just need
you say
they don't listen
to what you utter
but you listen
to what they don't dare to say
they write,
but they can't read
you read
what they don't write
you shake your head
they still their hearts
they shake their heads
your heart for them,
you smile in a frown
they frown in every smile
and when you really reach
they fly away

You come when you go
arriving in your absence
hidden as shown
sparkling in your darkness
The moon of his own
and The Sun
They don't know
what you are about
what you silence, they shout!
They scream
you dream
in your reflections
you are and you seem
your tears
their pout
you're the round
and the roundabout
but you just Rise
in your bursting light
cast your heart sword
mask not your word
you are beyond the battle
and within the silent fight,
the sound
You shine
in the beam of a line
that is said when written
like the time you chase 

yet you carry your sorrow around
like a hump.
eyes blur
tears purr
that even when He smiles,
The knight's heart cries on the corners of your soul
But you nevertheless, rise
as glorious and as wise
The Master of His own fate
and the fated of his mastery
chest bare to the blades
heart shielded with your Chevalieray
The knight of His Night
The one warrior of the light
Who had the heart to dream
when They all just fell asleep.


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