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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Back Home...

I tried to close my eyes
answer to my delirious whys
and obnoxious reason
sarcastic at its best
to shutter my heart,
to tear it apart
with my own fears teeth
but i found you beneath
lying within the beat and the sight
breaking of my dawn's light
a thousand moons 
and a splendid sun
the infinite and the one
as whole as none
where to run?
if i have you in between the eye and the lid
Said when shed
starving as fed
the heart of the head
and whatever i couldn't let go of,
see, i tried eating
when i'm not hungry
smoking when i can't breathe
i mocked on my cheeks the rain
and of my drawn smile,
i made fun  
books pages don't turn
cigarette ashes don't burn
silken bed sheets like the sharpest blades of my insecurities,
thoughts were demons
i couldn't sweat them off at my poetic gym
and the butterflies of my mind danced to the fire
of your divine presence
at the alter of my longing nostalgia.
my silence has never been more noisy
and your screams had never been more quiet
but i couldn't shut down that night
of your bursting in me,
the stars of your melancholy
twinkle to my soul
i rise as i fall
mute in your call
i chopped my tongue's arms
and bled in the crack of a verse
the empty streets held my feet
as if we were lovers in the warmest greet
then the calm waves got closer
all i had was wet salt
all over the alleys of my blurry mind skin
i smiled then
because i knew it all along
the blue bird's song
upon the lips of time.
The day got up
in your eyes of mine
like the most eloquent wordless line
running from your loudest dot
to my blindest spot
i see you,
in the darkness of the dark
my Orion of Hope
i untied the words rope
riding in your madness desert
the dunes of ecstacy
the rose bud quivers
in the solitude dew
blooming every time anew
at the reality flog of your coming
and the nursing illusion of my absence.
Nothing is Stronger then what is meant to be
and i will fight, 
with all the yous of you in me.
a sword of word in one hand
and a heart of gold
beating in every-loving you more -life of me.


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