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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Life Eclipse

It's not your fault
that i am trying to touch the moon
and purify my soul in its light 
that when it stops calling
my wolf heart starts howling
that when i don't see you
my moon,
i feel like an orphan
with a foster family of words 
that when i don't listen to your voice
i get lost
in the scary woods of despair
wearing my red riding hood cloak of hope
and fighting in your absence my solitude windmills
i eat the poisoned apple of peace
and die awake in every living nightmare without your
prince face kiss
a little more
i ask the pink dragons of time
to kill it mercilessly for me
breathing fire into the moments that don't bring you to me,
i lose of my life, track
i kafka the nights away
and for the day, 
i lay ashore with Hemingway
like the old one i become
when you don't in my ears hum
your elixir of youth

It's not your fault
that when you hide in your absence
everything just fades away
that the air turns into opened arms
and the breeze is but an unkissed kiss
that the silence shapes into a red petaled bathtub
that i sink in head to toe
i know you don't know
but its no secret anymore
my sunglassed eyes 
turn blind
my whole time is on rewind
to that moment when you are
for my sight,
the light
i ramble in broken words
stumble upon loneliness'sharpest swords
bleeding a chronic wound
of guilt.

Days run into nights
moments stretch into hours
time becomes a killer
taking of my heart, its revenge
it's not that you are not present
because you are
it's not even that you are absent
because you aren't
it's somewhere in between heaven and hell
this place where the poets go when they take a leave
shrouded with defeated hopes
and an unpublished verse

What angry winds are holding you 
my moon?
which sad cloud is hiding your face?
tell me if another star had flirted with you
tell me, so that i can tear the sky down!
tell me if it's too dark out there
that it frightened your heart?
or if it became too much shining
that your eyes had blurred
tell me if it's too right
or too wrong
or if another bird, had heard your song 
but hide no more
come and kiss my shore
wave on to my sinking feet
in the ocean deep of your darkness
and my rising hurricane of uncertainty.


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