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Thursday, September 17, 2015


You said that I can't hold you
but i do!
i feel your fire 
as i breathe you 
out of your black
and my blue
we touch in a flesh Whitman ballad
and in between brackets, we cumming-ly,
And in every breath we madly kiss
in a quarantine melodious hiss 
four times 
on the cheeks of distance
and the lips of times.

See, i can hold you
in my words opened arms
arousing letters
and squeezing dots
i hug your softest spots
those you vulnerably, shade
i hold of you what you renegade
so that you explode in me
with every wings splash, 
as free.
You said that I can't have you
but i do!
in my heart possession
in my verse's obsession
and every furnished stanza
is your love Home
every literal brush
every mumbling hush
the homeless lines at your coming sheets,

You wonder my love,
How our souls met?
well, it has all been set
lifetimes before we even know
they hold each others heart hands
and your soul keeps mine tucked in
they eat in our mind's life kitchen
warm meals of hope
and get drunk on our sweet tears wine
they dress of our aromatic wardrobe
one haunting scent at a sign 
in the day
our souls wander to play
rising your face in my Coffee steam
and my voice to your forgotten dream
Then at night
they turn on the sky's light
constellations of sighs
your soul sings to mine
the poems you only to the moon,
and they dance,
your soul and mine,
to the endless edge of love
No beginning for us, darling,
nor a termination
and when it's time to rest
your soul has in mine a nest
i cuddle your soul's head in all the happy moments
and chase the scary nightmares away
never lost, our souls know the way 
in a world of our own
we have for each other a Home
where we grow only love
and our souls moving in infatuation
How can i lose you, my love?
even if my time came
it will all be the same
and my soul will remain with yours
in our eternal cohabitation. 





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