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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Air Pocket...

It was crowded in my mind
I Almost missed my flight!
lines jam 
signs spam! 
see, i booked at your Sunshine Loveways,
my light
Confirming my little heart ticket
and a suitcase of dreams 
boarding on your plane beautiful
The magical trips my allured mind at your beautiful, 
for my- not so beautiful- sakes
destination forever
duration, as long as it takes
your- back home at the end of the day welcoming hug- like chin pose
my blood verse and your captioned flesh prose
my murmuring hush
at your arousing blush
That tiny corner by your lips,
Kingdoms of butterflies live in those tiny spots of light
and universes of pleasures spark at your smile
desert dunes at your blink, pile
and the rivers of paradise honey at your tongue turn,
Oh i burn,
as you mercilessly, finger play...
electrifying the void at your still sway
whatever evil i shall commit to you if i may
So, do you know what's beautiful?
More beautiful than the poet, my love,
the poem
More beautiful than the kid's toy, my love,
his play
and of all the words we utter, my love
the most beautiful are those
we never dare to say.

I fasten my seat-belt in your eyes jet
ready to my wonderland take off
carried away in your story telling lashes
tossing my hope in your every blink
so, what you think?
which of your poisons should i drink?
the sweetness of your to me, coming
or better that of your-in my soul's ear- humming
i would greet both in fact
anything from you, my love
to me is your beautiful

I close my eyes at your first class dimples flash
lay at the side of your mind ocean splash
How wonderful it is to fly in your Being-craft
held tightly among the time clouds
and the distance weather   
riding your mood swings like a feather
tenderly resting upon the starry window of your soul.
 i wander more
between the hairs and the core
draining me sore
in every way that is beautiful..

More beautiful than your smile in my eyes,
In my ears, your sweet nothings
and your flying kiss in the alphabetical air.
More beautiful than your worldwide open arms,
breaking life's laws of attraction into one,
is my-feeling your every heartbeat in mine
breeze to breeze
and mind-hug to another
More beautiful than your early morning shooting stars in a frame
is your midnight arrival sun we claim 
More beautiful than your rising coming,
your moonlight stay
More beautiful than your rambling silence,
my love,
is that one line you wouldn't on my ears rose-bed, lay.
More beautiful than my chronic sweet heartache in your presence
is your acute healing absence
more beautiful than your affirmative denial,
is my submissive resistance
more beautiful than the screams in your name
is your name
more beautiful than the flash bulbs at your face
is your face
more beautiful than the roses thrown at your feet
is your feet
more beautiful than the hearts beating in your arms
are your arms
and more beautiful than the tears you skip rolling on your cheeks
are the ones you hide, behind a landing smile

But what do i know,
my love,
beautiful is when i close my eyes and see
what's most beautiful is but you in me
and me believing myself in you, 
The deepest into the sky heart,
Air Pocket.


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