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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Aromatic wardrobe

You just pulled my mind's trigger!
strange looking man made of fire
Your face is of the timeless time 
Your clothes wear your smoking skin
imperfectly perfect and when you rhyme,
My heart goes for you in a whin 
my lifetime quest as i wonder
how in your beautiful smell shall i linger
we can retain the faces we see
if we love them enough
but how to hold on to a scent we are yet to remember?
so i lean on my fantasies
making you out of my wronging right
seeing you off my blinded sight
smashing all those Parisian Diptyque bottles 
they are useless without your flesh sweat
and i throw my poetic bet  

May be you smell like oceans of metaphors 
and my sky high lines of hope
Or may be your scent is but the gardens of pleasure i plant at your coming 
May be you scent of the memories we never made
Yet we dearly sake-keep
May be you smell like the letters you never to me handwrote
or may be like the red roses on my birthday you never brought
may be you smell like all those days we never spent 
or the nights we would kill to get back but we can't
may be you smell like my solitude among people
who see of me only what i show
may be you scent of what you and i know,
is true 
May be you smell like your hiding eyes behind the blue 
like your loudest silence hue
like my wildest dreams of you
like out of nothing at all, that love you do 
in a glimpse or a sway
May be you scent of what you don't say 
of what you would if you may 
of whenever i playfully ask you to go,
you stay
may be you smell like your smile because you knew 
like that kiss you to my screaming being's crowd, flew
May be you smell like your sadness that i can't fairly capture
may be you smell like your bursting laughter
at the exotic moisture,
my lips screen sprinkle at your every new caption
may be you just scent of my heart redemption
at your virtuous confession curtain's sin 
may be you scent of your seductive stares
the beautiful, your soul shares 
your children's hugs
at your coming home every night 
may be you smell like your shadow's light 
Oh my endless plight
so if i might
i think it's alright 
to toss my words at your fragrant breeze 
and guess 

I will have to keep using my poetic sense 
burning dots of linguistic incense
in your scented delight
So yes, it's alright
may be i can shed you off my imagination's nose,
wear your aromatic presence in a prose  
And Until we flesh meet,
i will keep trying to invite your scent to my words wardrobe
saving your smell off my verse clothing
and sweating it along in an after making love smoking rings. 


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