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Sunday, November 1, 2015

I am Gaurav

It's 1pm
you had probably woke up
done with your first Coffee i think
and a number of those lucky Classics
that like us, burn at the touch of your lips
only they get the honor of starting their short lives
in your tender solace
crashing their butts in your ultimate chase,
within the time ashtray.
no, i don't do breakfast, either
you get into your ripped jeans
and black tee
how you always in my dreams, appear to me
my heart jeans are ripped too! see!!
i euphorically beating at your coming, worn them out  
Oh i had those glares,
just like yours!
designer? i donno,
just branded my love...
and it didn't cost that much
just your smile would do..
down the distance elevator
you take off in your mind Beemer
flight number:Half century of your beautiful
destination: my everywhere
i get on my imagination chopper with you
and wear your seat belt of word signs
for safety
many dates you have for the day
my to do list is pretty packed as well!
Painting myself into your majestic black and white shots
and curving around your waving dimpled flash 
first, To be your Coffee mug
this way i'll get every time you need, a hug
or to be this wicked sun ray, that sneaks on your face
for a kiss fix
also i would heroically lose all my weight to the softest breeze
(This is big by the way!) 
to tenderly carry you off this world's heavy sweat
i would shape into your smokey silhouette
and swallow all your demons into me
to spare you the darkness of regret
i would harden also a bit
to hold your feet as you gently on your way, sprint
Then disappear completely as the life air
you for my own living, inhale
i would soak myself wet,
salty sweet lines on your cheek
every time your tongue get sealed
and your eyes to me, speak.

I would take their features, all your loved ones
so you will never have to in a biggish way, miss anyone
add a few verses more to my length crane
and crystallize my shutters into your Camera lens
so that you get to see how beautiful you really are
off my every lyrical click 
i would Turn into your after a long tiring day, insomniac nights
to rest into your arms longer
just like the good poet said
moon myself off your Safari window
for a poetic company
pillow talk your every hair into a peaceful sleep
cradling the butterflies of your mind in a metrical lullaby
and of course i can layer myself into hard covered pages quilt
reviving Douglas Adams's universal wanderings for you
to share with him a meal at the restaurant on the other side
i would bring them all back, if i could..
those who with pieces of your heart, left
and then i have to melt
into life saving heavenly raindrops
to hold your -at my touch- childishly smiling face
already wet
i would haphazardly into everyone you meet have bumped
to get a wave of your three perfumes mixed scent,
to my soul's memory bank, saved
i will now grow those Icarus wings
ride the chirping skyline for your one heart beat
i will be your on a wire bird in blue
see, just as i told you!
i have a longer list than you, to do!
Racing with time,
just like you
Decorating my mind room with your pictures, Gaurav
and furnishing my soul's heart house with my love
Fifty times more than you,
i do.


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