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Sunday, November 22, 2015


Much is less
And if you don't love
You only love more
Your hug tight
Is a tight hug
A kiss long
Is a long kiss
closed eyes
are wide open.
The sealed lips,
And the spoken lips
Is parting
And closer Is far
and the pain,
Never leave
Is a leave
And stay Is a go.
Loving you more
Is less
Coming to you
is going  away
Holding on
is letting go
Our love is as free
As we never are
in a golden cage

Nothing you can take
But all
What i can give you
Is whole
Our silence Is eloquent
And every absence
Is but a mere presence.
I love you
You love i
Color me a sky
Is a sky me a color
Saffron is salt
Black is white
You are me
And i am you
is defined
is full
are fences
bonds are loose
Lie is truth
and truth Is but a lie
when is why
and why is a sin.

And sometimes i want you
like what i want and can't have
what i feel and can't say
like yesterday
and tomorrow
like loving you,
loving me.
Sometimes you're the air,
i breathe
Sometimes i'm the air,
you freeze
in the heart of an Ochre sky,
A face.
Sometimes you're the color of my love
And i am the prayer of your Heart
we meet in an ice-dream off the sun
You forget the world
and come to me
I pause my world
in a moment of you
we melt into a dawn of glass.
And if you're the hug
i am but the warmth
And when you're the kiss
i become the lips,
parting in time.
And sometimes You're just you
I am me
The sky is the sky
And the frozen glass
Melts into a lake of clouds
That is made of my tears.

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