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Thursday, November 19, 2015


I Hum...
Your Soul drum
My Heart twirls
Our meeting whirls
in your existence eyes
where my path ends and begins

I Sun for you
I Moon in you
Sky around you
Earth on to touch you
A universe forms in me
of your face a starlight
and a beaming constellation

Call my name
so that i can live
encrypt me in your skin a glyph
Whisper to my ears
Torture my fears,
and in my eyes
commit the perfect murder
let me then be your safety shelter 
sentenced to my bosom cell
and i will be to your every loose hair
a guard.
Rain on me, my love,
into my arms
Your love is a monsoon
of forgiveness
And i am but a desert,
of virtuous sins.
You cry
and I burn
in your meteor of bliss
My fireflies of mist, hiss
In every breeze i feel you
And blow you with my poetic wind,
a kiss
Color me your dawn
paint my setting sunrise
be the mad lover to my surprise
Shine in your Ochre Hues
to my ice blues
Where we meet in a ray of glass
and Hug within a dream rainbow.
Just take me
as i am
Your eyes, my life boat 
and my lips, 
your blazing Ocean 
where i Hold you
away from the world
slipping through my fate
an eternity pauses
and time stops
All the moments turn around
forming your face
I run to you
burdened with myself
you open your arms
a hymn rises in my heart
Color me in your love
where i melt within
and in you,
i get every time anew,

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