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Thursday, November 26, 2015

In the mirror

Who am i?
The one in the mirror
or the one who's looking?
Time stood still.
 I talk
He listens
I smile
He cries
and when i loudly laugh,
he is my tears.
 I feel,
He knows
I hide,
He shows
The one who comes in the dark
is my light.
He comes
in my shadow
I go in his flesh
The road he leads
and the journey is mine.

I burn
He is reborn
my fire,
His smoke
he visits,
when i'm not there
and i meet him only
in a glass stare
i am the prince
and he is the darkness
the moon in me
is off his light
sometimes he's angry
at my indifference
and i am always of him
running away.
He said,
Once you love it,
you lose it.
Whatever you have,
you don't.
Own nothing,
and everything is yours.
 What you touch,
What you feel,
lands in your heart.
Nothing stays,
unless you let it go.
Hide it,
and it shows
and it wins
hold it
and it slips
when you catch,
it falls.
for happiness
in a smile
and run,
to stand still.
but laugh always,
it confuses the senses
and senses the confusion
Your shadows,
are light
My black
is your white
is Close
and loose,
is just as tight.
I know
what i don't know
and what i feel,
feels me
in this way,
i love you
just as you love i.

I smiled at his vision
like the wind to the wounded pigeon
I spread my wings 
in my worldwide prison
Their foot steps getting closer
 louder voices hushing clear
only my silence i could hear
"shall we start with the foundation sir?"
i saw him waving on his way in
as i sheltered my soul in between my lips
setting it on another Classics fire
"yes, go on, let's do it!
 we haven't got much time left here,
"Oh has the Air Condition leaked again sir? " 
Some wet lines rolling off the mirror
and they were salty. 

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