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Monday, November 30, 2015


What to do with you?
your every part is to be gone through
and i am going to..
taking advantage of your whole view
using every weapon letter
for you're too good, even better
when undressed to my rhyme
one sigh at a time.
so get ready my love,
for my at your sight,
poetic crime   
The hair thunder,
roars upon the sky skull 
forehead canvas
lines of scroll
eyes on toll
your beautiful brain storming
smiling frowns
my eyes evening gowns
dressed in your stare
what better to wear,
but your gaze
jeweled in your silence 
and characteristically sprinkled
in the 140 mystical drops of your coming.

I see you,  
Spilling wine
heart on the hazel line
screaming every sign,
on the mute.
your grooving eye brows
mischievous wind blows   
rising to my blink
as i deeply sink
in a tilt.
and as i fall
your wolverine eyelashes howl
reaching out to my breath
they turn in moaning hiss
asking for a kiss
one that i couldn't miss
O your hazel gates of hell
seduce me to your pleasure
of want.  

Then it hits me,
your eyes lightening
i burn in a smoking black suit Hotshot
that you are
your wide shutters plot,
as i playfully,
before your enlightening tempest,
word strip
Bold and shy
in each eyelid i set
and in between them,
i fly
in the arms of a wink
i of your rain, drink
on my drought a refill.
Ahh what do they tell?
i am buying whatever they sell
your eyes, my love,
in a reviving glare, kill!
sliding upon the sloppy aristocratic hill
my eyes fingers brush
your every scent on a hush
the noble dune allures me
and i am but a desert
in the realms of your Indian monsoon,
soaked wet.

And as your wordily water broke
my contracting lips womb spilled
every fetus verse that i conceived
off our Alphabetical mating
your loving words push 
as i bravely sonnet breathe
the lip lines parting at my tease
i beneath your fire tongues,
your sealed lips spread 
like your arms do
and contain my whole world
in a word,
that is meant and unsaid.
So i rest my case,
upon your fleshy bed
written on every juicy sheet,
and read
haunting your armored thread
with my bare poetic needle
for an ecstatic wed
you set it ablaze,
my long time wait
in another Classics roll
that like me 
in between your heaven portals,
So i wander
stroking every inch
of your majestic wonder
into lucid metaphor
being one myself, 
in your love,
and i after that 90% left of you, my love,
am on a lifetime with all my pleasure, exploitation.  











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