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Friday, November 6, 2015

D for ...

D for Dream,
I have every night on the mute
D for Date 
Your glances pick me up
D for Drive
i take within your Icelandic breaths' Alp
D for Drums,
my Heart beats at your literal coming
D for Dance,
my soul twirls at your humming
D for Dress 
i wear of your single words
D for Dinner 
of your eyes stare boards
D for Dishes
of your lips pink pouts 
D for Drinks
of your spilling wine doubts
D for Dawn 
off your tears constellations
D for Drown
in your burning sighs
D for Drop
i become in u
D for Door 
you hold open for me 
D for Doomed 
i am at your paradise
D for Dessert
you serve upon your darling chest
D for Delight
every erupting vein of yours, mist 
D for Dose
i crave of your tongue
D for Drift
never away of my song
D for Dearest
i hold you within me
D for Darling
as you in between yourself and you, call me
D for Dare
or truth?
D for Dais
I roll in your love
D for Do,
i win!
D for Dangling
your tears on my cheeks
D for Dazzling
your smiles upon my face
D for Drizzle,
your pour
D for Dribble,
your raining flow 
D for Drench,
in me your silent sorrow
D for Drip
only of my soul whisperer- dip..
D for Demand
your heartfelt laughter
D for Dimpled
Your aberrated shafts of bliss  
D for Deep
as your oceans ragging in me
D for Determination
D for Domination
D for Dangerous
and D for Daffodil
D for Don't,
ever go away
D for Day,
my love, is just too long
D for Desert
it is my love for your rose, without your- in your eyes-
wala Dil.


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