Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, November 30, 2015


What to do with you?
your every part is to be gone through
and i am going to..
taking advantage of your whole view
using every weapon letter
for you're too good, even better
when undressed to my rhyme
one sigh at a time.
so get ready my love,
for my at your sight,
poetic crime   
The hair thunder,
roars upon the sky skull 
forehead canvas
lines of scroll
eyes on toll
your beautiful brain storming
smiling frowns
my eyes evening gowns
dressed in your stare
what better to wear,
but your gaze
jeweled in your silence 
and characteristically sprinkled
in the 140 mystical drops of your coming.

I see you,  
Spilling wine
heart on the hazel line
screaming every sign,
on the mute.
your grooving eye brows
mischievous wind blows   
rising to my blink
as i deeply sink
in a tilt.
and as i fall
your wolverine eyelashes howl
reaching out to my breath
they turn in moaning hiss
asking for a kiss
one that i couldn't miss
O your hazel gates of hell
seduce me to your pleasure
of want.  

Then it hits me,
your eyes lightening
i burn in a smoking black suit Hotshot
that you are
your wide shutters plot,
as i playfully,
before your enlightening tempest,
word strip
Bold and shy
in each eyelid i set
and in between them,
i fly
in the arms of a wink
i of your rain, drink
on my drought a refill.
Ahh what do they tell?
i am buying whatever they sell
your eyes, my love,
in a reviving glare, kill!
sliding upon the sloppy aristocratic hill
my eyes fingers brush
your every scent on a hush
the noble dune allures me
and i am but a desert
in the realms of your Indian monsoon,
soaked wet.

And as your wordily water broke
my contracting lips womb spilled
every fetus verse that i conceived
off our Alphabetical mating
your loving words push 
as i bravely sonnet breathe
the lip lines parting at my tease
i beneath your fire tongues,
your sealed lips spread 
like your arms do
and contain my whole world
in a word,
that is meant and unsaid.
So i rest my case,
upon your fleshy bed
written on every juicy sheet,
and read
haunting your armored thread
with my bare poetic needle
for an ecstatic wed
you set it ablaze,
my long time wait
in another Classics roll
that like me 
in between your heaven portals,
So i wander
stroking every inch
of your majestic wonder
into lucid metaphor
being one myself, 
in your love,
and i after that 90% left of you, my love,
am on a lifetime with all my pleasure, exploitation.  











Thursday, November 26, 2015

In the mirror

Who am i?
The one in the mirror
or the one who's looking?
Time stood still.
 I talk
He listens
I smile
He cries
and when i loudly laugh,
he is my tears.
 I feel,
He knows
I hide,
He shows
The one who comes in the dark
is my light.
He comes
in my shadow
I go in his flesh
The road he leads
and the journey is mine.

I burn
He is reborn
my fire,
His smoke
he visits,
when i'm not there
and i meet him only
in a glass stare
i am the prince
and he is the darkness
the moon in me
is off his light
sometimes he's angry
at my indifference
and i am always of him
running away.
He said,
Once you love it,
you lose it.
Whatever you have,
you don't.
Own nothing,
and everything is yours.
 What you touch,
What you feel,
lands in your heart.
Nothing stays,
unless you let it go.
Hide it,
and it shows
and it wins
hold it
and it slips
when you catch,
it falls.
for happiness
in a smile
and run,
to stand still.
but laugh always,
it confuses the senses
and senses the confusion
Your shadows,
are light
My black
is your white
is Close
and loose,
is just as tight.
I know
what i don't know
and what i feel,
feels me
in this way,
i love you
just as you love i.

I smiled at his vision
like the wind to the wounded pigeon
I spread my wings 
in my worldwide prison
Their foot steps getting closer
 louder voices hushing clear
only my silence i could hear
"shall we start with the foundation sir?"
i saw him waving on his way in
as i sheltered my soul in between my lips
setting it on another Classics fire
"yes, go on, let's do it!
 we haven't got much time left here,
"Oh has the Air Condition leaked again sir? " 
Some wet lines rolling off the mirror
and they were salty. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Much is less
And if you don't love
You only love more
Your hug tight
Is a tight hug
A kiss long
Is a long kiss
closed eyes
are wide open.
The sealed lips,
And the spoken lips
Is parting
And closer Is far
and the pain,
Never leave
Is a leave
And stay Is a go.
Loving you more
Is less
Coming to you
is going  away
Holding on
is letting go
Our love is as free
As we never are
in a golden cage

Nothing you can take
But all
What i can give you
Is whole
Our silence Is eloquent
And every absence
Is but a mere presence.
I love you
You love i
Color me a sky
Is a sky me a color
Saffron is salt
Black is white
You are me
And i am you
is defined
is full
are fences
bonds are loose
Lie is truth
and truth Is but a lie
when is why
and why is a sin.

And sometimes i want you
like what i want and can't have
what i feel and can't say
like yesterday
and tomorrow
like loving you,
loving me.
Sometimes you're the air,
i breathe
Sometimes i'm the air,
you freeze
in the heart of an Ochre sky,
A face.
Sometimes you're the color of my love
And i am the prayer of your Heart
we meet in an ice-dream off the sun
You forget the world
and come to me
I pause my world
in a moment of you
we melt into a dawn of glass.
And if you're the hug
i am but the warmth
And when you're the kiss
i become the lips,
parting in time.
And sometimes You're just you
I am me
The sky is the sky
And the frozen glass
Melts into a lake of clouds
That is made of my tears.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I Hum...
Your Soul drum
My Heart twirls
Our meeting whirls
in your existence eyes
where my path ends and begins

I Sun for you
I Moon in you
Sky around you
Earth on to touch you
A universe forms in me
of your face a starlight
and a beaming constellation

Call my name
so that i can live
encrypt me in your skin a glyph
Whisper to my ears
Torture my fears,
and in my eyes
commit the perfect murder
let me then be your safety shelter 
sentenced to my bosom cell
and i will be to your every loose hair
a guard.
Rain on me, my love,
into my arms
Your love is a monsoon
of forgiveness
And i am but a desert,
of virtuous sins.
You cry
and I burn
in your meteor of bliss
My fireflies of mist, hiss
In every breeze i feel you
And blow you with my poetic wind,
a kiss
Color me your dawn
paint my setting sunrise
be the mad lover to my surprise
Shine in your Ochre Hues
to my ice blues
Where we meet in a ray of glass
and Hug within a dream rainbow.
Just take me
as i am
Your eyes, my life boat 
and my lips, 
your blazing Ocean 
where i Hold you
away from the world
slipping through my fate
an eternity pauses
and time stops
All the moments turn around
forming your face
I run to you
burdened with myself
you open your arms
a hymn rises in my heart
Color me in your love
where i melt within
and in you,
i get every time anew,

Friday, November 6, 2015

D for ...

D for Dream,
I have every night on the mute
D for Date 
Your glances pick me up
D for Drive
i take within your Icelandic breaths' Alp
D for Drums,
my Heart beats at your literal coming
D for Dance,
my soul twirls at your humming
D for Dress 
i wear of your single words
D for Dinner 
of your eyes stare boards
D for Dishes
of your lips pink pouts 
D for Drinks
of your spilling wine doubts
D for Dawn 
off your tears constellations
D for Drown
in your burning sighs
D for Drop
i become in u
D for Door 
you hold open for me 
D for Doomed 
i am at your paradise
D for Dessert
you serve upon your darling chest
D for Delight
every erupting vein of yours, mist 
D for Dose
i crave of your tongue
D for Drift
never away of my song
D for Dearest
i hold you within me
D for Darling
as you in between yourself and you, call me
D for Dare
or truth?
D for Dais
I roll in your love
D for Do,
i win!
D for Dangling
your tears on my cheeks
D for Dazzling
your smiles upon my face
D for Drizzle,
your pour
D for Dribble,
your raining flow 
D for Drench,
in me your silent sorrow
D for Drip
only of my soul whisperer- dip..
D for Demand
your heartfelt laughter
D for Dimpled
Your aberrated shafts of bliss  
D for Deep
as your oceans ragging in me
D for Determination
D for Domination
D for Dangerous
and D for Daffodil
D for Don't,
ever go away
D for Day,
my love, is just too long
D for Desert
it is my love for your rose, without your- in your eyes-
wala Dil.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

I am Gaurav

It's 1pm
you had probably woke up
done with your first Coffee i think
and a number of those lucky Classics
that like us, burn at the touch of your lips
only they get the honor of starting their short lives
in your tender solace
crashing their butts in your ultimate chase,
within the time ashtray.
no, i don't do breakfast, either
you get into your ripped jeans
and black tee
how you always in my dreams, appear to me
my heart jeans are ripped too! see!!
i euphorically beating at your coming, worn them out  
Oh i had those glares,
just like yours!
designer? i donno,
just branded my love...
and it didn't cost that much
just your smile would do..
down the distance elevator
you take off in your mind Beemer
flight number:Half century of your beautiful
destination: my everywhere
i get on my imagination chopper with you
and wear your seat belt of word signs
for safety
many dates you have for the day
my to do list is pretty packed as well!
Painting myself into your majestic black and white shots
and curving around your waving dimpled flash 
first, To be your Coffee mug
this way i'll get every time you need, a hug
or to be this wicked sun ray, that sneaks on your face
for a kiss fix
also i would heroically lose all my weight to the softest breeze
(This is big by the way!) 
to tenderly carry you off this world's heavy sweat
i would shape into your smokey silhouette
and swallow all your demons into me
to spare you the darkness of regret
i would harden also a bit
to hold your feet as you gently on your way, sprint
Then disappear completely as the life air
you for my own living, inhale
i would soak myself wet,
salty sweet lines on your cheek
every time your tongue get sealed
and your eyes to me, speak.

I would take their features, all your loved ones
so you will never have to in a biggish way, miss anyone
add a few verses more to my length crane
and crystallize my shutters into your Camera lens
so that you get to see how beautiful you really are
off my every lyrical click 
i would Turn into your after a long tiring day, insomniac nights
to rest into your arms longer
just like the good poet said
moon myself off your Safari window
for a poetic company
pillow talk your every hair into a peaceful sleep
cradling the butterflies of your mind in a metrical lullaby
and of course i can layer myself into hard covered pages quilt
reviving Douglas Adams's universal wanderings for you
to share with him a meal at the restaurant on the other side
i would bring them all back, if i could..
those who with pieces of your heart, left
and then i have to melt
into life saving heavenly raindrops
to hold your -at my touch- childishly smiling face
already wet
i would haphazardly into everyone you meet have bumped
to get a wave of your three perfumes mixed scent,
to my soul's memory bank, saved
i will now grow those Icarus wings
ride the chirping skyline for your one heart beat
i will be your on a wire bird in blue
see, just as i told you!
i have a longer list than you, to do!
Racing with time,
just like you
Decorating my mind room with your pictures, Gaurav
and furnishing my soul's heart house with my love
Fifty times more than you,
i do.


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