Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, April 7, 2014


Chasing your exhausted shadow
i love it when your bursting anger mellow 
After a long tiring day
you come home to where i exotically lay
for my comforting arms
where i keep your beautiful head
nursed within all the words we never said  
hiding between my breasts
only then my whole being rests
when you listen to my racing heart beats
every one tells a story of longing

As my fingers play in your bear hair
stripping your dangerous mind bare
one stroke at a time
selling all your thoughts for a rhyme
whipping your reason away
hand coughing my guilty thoughts
and setting the wildest ones free
my lips keep your every inch in measure
licking your every chilling sweat of pleasure
tasting your pain
blending with every bursting vein
i trace your crawling pulse 
healing your chronic melancholy 
in my own peculiar way
after a long tiring day
i would in your arms sway
breathe within our eternal kiss
tenderly ripping off all those moments we miss
while you were away
on that long working day

Spreading my long hair upon your chest
savagely leaning towards your waist
shivering as our skins touch
sacredly reaching to where you ache much
arranging my words upon your olive treat
a verse for every calling spot
is this where you missed me the most?
or there.. where in my mind you got lost
then i shall carve my poetry deeper
let the years count, i am your keeper
tattoo my yearning where you bleed
spread my hungry fields for your seed
be as fertile as my greed
for you
on every limb i would share
my roaring stanza as you stare
at your own kingdom in full celebration
an euphoric poem of love is in a rhyming conversation.




Beth Winter said...

What a delicious blend of poetry and sensuality, of rhyme and free verse. Well done.

ayala said...

A journey of emotion and sensuality.

Björn said...

Very sexy... Beth said it so well

The Bizza said...

A deeply sensual, intimate snapshot. Gave me goosebumps just reading it.

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