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Monday, April 21, 2014

Poetic maze...

I feel closest to you
when i write
and furthest from you
when i write
this intimate you get to me
this wrong when right
my black and white
your confusion is my insight
closest to you then a hug that's tight 
when i feel you around for a wild write.

I get intimidated with my savage ramblings
infatuated with your patient gamblings
inviting all your senses for a soul mating delight
wearing your words on for the rhyming night
taking off the time and the place
riding my wackiest verse in a race
bare hearted
I reach out for your beautiful mind
every letter is a faithful knight
in the army of our love
every sigh you fire fight
burns more miles we have to cross
in your silence i win every toss
and my heart gets to spill first
his longing rivers
drowning in my quivering shivers
and your oceans of resistance. 

You blink
i sink
as i hide
always by your side
where you don't reach

Then i write again
calling you out of my furious vain
i take my lines for a darling flight
may be upon one cloud of smoke
or a fading cinnamon candle light
lingering in a calling cup of wine
dangling of the kinky tip of a sign
we get to meet
kiss and tenderly greet
laying beneath the papers of hope
enjoying the warmth of a virtual elope
holding your thoughts one by one
twirls around your mushiest stone
i find you between my lids
covered with dark eyelashes
carelessly resting within my steaming bids
wander around my love
this is where i strip to my soul
Enjoy every gaze
lose yourself in my maze
there is no way out of this perpetual bliss
you are trapped my darling,
between the roaring whisper of a poem
and the trembling thunder of a lifetime biography.




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