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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Because i love you...

I feel most beautiful because i love you
i feel most important because i love you
i walk in the streets
like a universe sunshine
like a superstar
smiling at my own steps
staring into every face i don't know
dancing into the rains and curling in snow
almost screaming, world! how come you still don't know?
His heart is the moon
and i am his moonlight
i am the one who loves him
i am the one who is so crazy in love with him
but they pass me by
like all the moments i tend to pass with you
they also leave
but it's fine
you are still mine
in my limitless mind
i am also yours'

the puppet and the dreamer

I listen to them talking
so loud that i don't hear anything
i just whisper your name
this is how words should sound like!
every letter is a heart piercing strike 
i wonder of their screaming expressions
it is so calmly ragging inside of me
i don't want to know if you even know me
i can't see what they want me to see
in your love my darling i am blind ,deaf and mute
in a world of drums i am a lonely humming flute 
i am the most marvelous one
because i wear your words
As Soothing Emeralds and burning like Rubies
the bravest one
for i hold your presence
as my safety shield
open and sealed
I flow
what do they know?
those crazy fashionistas

Creating lines of neon lights and beads of pain
if they love you the way i do
they would walk bare
but of your every tiny detail to wear
the way you blink, gaze and shyly smile
then scratch your hair 
And blow your life in a round of smoke
but they don't understand
i even love me because i love you
i only matter for loving you

like an old cliche
even if you want me gone
I would still feel as beautiful
just because i love you. 


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