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Friday, April 25, 2014

Escapes of Fantasy...

What do you do?
when time betrays the faithful patience in you?
when the harsh waves of nostalgia
sweep you off your mesmerized feet
when hope lingers at life's back seat
when the days run
and the kingdoms of your happiest dreams burn
what do you do?
when you do only what you gotta do?
turning in the wheel of control
hitting like a wrecking ball
and hiding behind an exhausted ecstasy 

How do you sleep?
when all the windows of your soul shake
when your mad demons are all awake
how do you stay calm
before the mightiest storms of my heart
inhaling my every gush of wind and dust
without a word
with a sharpened sword
of resistance 
how can you stay still
as i am sinking in your deepest well
as i am being dragged to my noisy shell
how can you still stand
when i had wholeheartedly fell
at your feet
smashed into million pieces
my heart loves you more
with every tiny one
with all the bruises of my soul
i can still run
from you
to you 
the fugitive
and the refugee

How can i still believe
your silence echoes in my screams
How can i still wait
for those words you will never say
every time i pray
with every passing day
my hope revives like narcissistic destiny
that one day you'll know
one day you'll show
how much you long 
or may be even in a song
you'll hold my shivering soul
that is hopelessly leaving me to your window
just like that sparkling star
rising from afar
in your darkest nights
for company

But somehow i know you feel
i know its real
what we are
the moon and the dangling star
the moaning verse and the bleeding scar
that raging peace and the serenaded war
bittersweet is what we are 
a raw potion of life's soar reality
that is sugar quoted with mind escapes of fantasy.



Beth Winter said...

I read this poem out loud and was surprised at the musicality that voice brought to the surface. Much enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

It definitely comes across as lyrics and although I gather it is about love it also very much, particularly in the first half made me think of the highs and lows of bipolar disease (meant as a compliment to your writing). Enjoyed this!

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