Always on My Mind you baby...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Present as ever
in every yearning shiver
you the strongest mountain
and the flowing river
you the greediest giver
you my enemy and my ultimate lover
you my most lucid dream and the harshest reality...

You don't know much
you are the sense to every touch
you are when everything goes wrong
and when you are, everything comes along
you are the reason of all my whys
the fire in all my sighs
i shuffle in your absence like a broken song
and burn in your blazing presence intensity

Explain no more
Your being is the surface and the core
Your being is my eternal resurruction
enchanted of sweetness and sore
in every moment of peace you the cruelest war.
Mars and Pluto, Osiris and Hor
what it feels like when the waves hug the shore
your being is what my quivering heart beats for
you all tenderness of life's and its extreme cruelty

Breathe the loving in
Hide no more behind a smile
cry when the tears blur your sight
roar when your demons call for a fight
dare your heaven and hell
smash your bubble's shell
rise out of desires' realm
scream when it gets way too calm
shake this burden off
hold my hand 
i can take your rough
tough, silly and your diplomatic disability

You kill and revive
with a bare glance
strip your strive
in a step less dance
roam and wander
For my ragging storm you are the thunder
peak at your heart's miraculous wonder 
how much pain and yet it still grows fonder!
condemned with epic magnificense
unconditional love shall be your forever penalty

Be the refugee of your soul
Unchain the pain
lick your every stain
you are the now again and again
whatever you lose you gain
unlock your memory's aching lane
out of your darkest clouds, bursts the rain
embraced with your existence
every gush of air you exhale is a life saviour
that i sacredly pray to inhale with my every intention and accidentally.

You are every word and none
Too precious to afford or burn
you are the moon and the sun
all the want to do and the already done
you the one whole and the whole one
you when i stand still and where to run
for you the verse exposes to every intended pun
splash in my painting all your solitude colors
drench my every stare in your nostalgic laughter
allow the time to stand still
dip in my bleeding ink your quill
spell your madness in my eyes 
burn in me the poet and the lover
hold on to this bursting fire
as i infinitely take you in my arms
and burn till the ashes of your reason and my sagging insanity.  


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