Always on My Mind you baby...

Monday, April 14, 2014


Unbutton this shirt
enjoy as my eyes flirt 
with your bare skin
treat my hungry stares
attend to my wicked fantasies
haunt my exotic crust from within 
pose to my mind
as naked as a prose
a phenomenal over dose
Unleash this wild glance
you tend to keep 
let your moans weep
upon my lips
skin dance
take your chance
invade your territories
one field at a time
grip your soil
harvest every turmoil
you seed 
chase those dreams you bleed 
every time you heroically kneel

Claim your rights
earn your fights
unzip these thoughts
dare to get exposed
take it all in
sting where you love the most
bleed where you heal
Hurt where you most feel
My Fire burns
As you Melt in my arms
like Liquid steel

when you should freeze
be the storm beyond my breeze
Most when you have to hide
split of what keeps you blind
Take it all off
this time, this life
break free
be who you ought to be
shred your mind
vigorously do mind
drip in my desert
your sweat
my rain..
pick me stars off your night
as i wrap you the moon 
in my heart
Touch where your hands can't reach
Sin where your words most preach
when you are dead
it is easier to forget
what has never been said.



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