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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An interview...

When he drinks
he becomes sad
like a monk
clear like a tear
light as a feather
how i wish he was just an ordinary man
one who passes by things
so they can remain the same
but when he does,
he sets them all into flame
they burn
of his Ecstasy

When he speaks
the whole universe listens
the enamored stars sigh
the mountains shiver
and the heaviest skies cry
it rains when his eyes moisture
and the earth deliver its beauties
at the vibrating tone of his laughter
then his breathing thickens
with every smoking cloud
when he inhales life
and exhales this eternal strive
the air dances in circles around
when his bare chest quivers
up and down
my heart melts down
at his playful finger tips
riding my craziest waves of yearning
as he stares in the drifted smoke rising
half closed eyes
his full lips dries
Then he mercilessly licks them with his tongue
this is where my whole arrogance falls along
how come He still doesn't have an expert tip
for this sort of urgent life or death matters?
A task i would never be more glad to attend to
Saving the universe's Most precious Splendor
of every wicked life itching.  


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