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Sunday, May 4, 2014


I envy them
those eyes who get to see you
without license
without innocence
and they can dare
those hands who get to touch you
while i can just stare
cuddling my yearning
curled in my longing
shuttered of despair
and hope
with every smile you generously gift
every gaze, blink and every hug
i turn into a prayer, a cigarette and a silver mug
anything that you carelessly left
yet you never actually left
my heart melt
the perfect theft
you always perfectly get away with.

 I envy the breeze
that tenderly engulfs you
those faces your eyes explore
behind the darkened shutters
this cup of coffee you hold so tight
this loving attire you wear so bright
the books you read
that take you places where i am not 
the love you breed
in all their hearts and i don't get
i envy these words
coming out of your lips
even the luckiest ones
who get trapped in your coffee sips
they remain with you
held in your heart
and forgotten

 I envy those who are close enough
to get attended to by your fragrance
they keep you deep
into their mind treasury
for that aroma to remain intact 
and serve you on in special occasions
in their most precious memories celebration

 I envy your bed sheets
and every soul you get to meet
be it your dogs, your roses
and whomever your heart lingers to greet
i envy this creamy leather seat
that holds on to your crazy travels
this Apple screen your eyes gravels
to kill the time
and revive the moments of anticipation

I envy everything you touch
that is not my skin
everything you watch
that is not my silken within
everything you expect
that is not my inviting smile
everything you inspect
that is not my mischievous hair style
everything you wish for
that is not my love
everything you wait for
that can reach you before my arms do.



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