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Friday, February 26, 2010

the Atheist prayer..

I walk,
and you walk with me
like a wind
that blows on the sea
like a fire
that is fond of destruction
like a daring wire
that is bond to prediction
is it race to win?
Or a cloak of skin
that is yours and mine
the destination unknown
hidden and shown
like a beam of light
you crash my solitude
the attitude…
like a thunder embrace
I run to you
With million demons to chase
I run to you
Defined by your existence
I am the gift of the Gods..
Divined on your altar
The worshiper is doomed
When the beats strike
To the drums of the soul
Relieving life
From the burden of a whisperer
who lived once,
to be your home…
and died as your refugee…

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