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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Me the kid growing up..

“All I know is if you don’t figure out the something you’ll just stay ordinary and it doesn’t matter if it’s a work of art or a taco or a pair of socks … just create something new and there it is. And it’s YOU out in the world … outside of you and you can look at it or hear it or read it or feel it and you know a little more about you. A little bit more than anyone else does.” ~P.S. I Love You, Film (2007)

I believe in the art of creation. We all have this amazing ability to discover new territories inside of us but we don't try hard enough. I knew i had some connection with words ever since i was a kid. The idea of verbal  communication fascinated me.  I spoke early was very curious child. Always ran to books for company, somehow i knew they 'll always be there and i was never alone ever since. My mom used to go to work and leave me with a story book in hand. I used to read it and reread it and made my grandma reread it for me to make sure i didn't miss a single word. My dad used to take me to the book store every month if i get high grades, i usually was top of my class not to miss my prize. I grew up seeing my parents reading and writing all the time as university professors they had this gene of seeking knowledge which i think passed on to me. I don't know if i am being self centered but i know me better so i can see my best parts clearly i guess. And this thirst for knowledge never left me.
Through this life journey i realized that we all have so much more potentials then we can possibly imagine all we need to do is dig in ourselves. Believe we are more than we seem to be. Bring out the treasures covered with layers of insecurities and fear.
Don't be scared to fail, it is just a step towards success. As much painful it gets, there is always another day coming up, another time to try harder. My mother always told me that it's not wrong to be wrong but it's always right to know you are. Accept and change for your own good. 
The best moments i ever live are those when i know something new or create something new even if it was as beautiful as a smile on someone's face.
Read people! it gives you power and you grow up not in years but in hearts.

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