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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The lonely Vampire..

Redefine in my skin
Grasp your shivering spin
turn around my altar
sacrifice your heart
burn my incense
bend to my power
as mad as a lover
cursed with your extacy

the king of the night
roaming like a homeless knight
shy and bold
the story untold
of a lonely vampire
doomed with desire
and the backdrops of fantasy

you crash into my dreams
invited to the ball
returning the silent call
to be reborn and sold
shaking to the bones
reciting the sacred moans
hiding in the cloak of fear
hiding this saddened tear
the master of the dark
shines with the scent of death
adorned with the divine wreath
walking to you
ready for a bite of life
enchanted by a strife
touching the dangerous wire
of the lonely vampire
redeemed in my skin
blessed and convicted
as a martyr of your virtue
and a fighter for my sin.

To the Vampire who inspired this piece,Reigning the night from the castle of is nothing without Pain and pleasure.

JUST THE WAY YOU is perfect enough.

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