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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fly ...

The breeze is cold
Truth untold
I saw my star
Shining so far
Can i smile now?
Or can i cry..
Is it time to live?
When i can only die..
i wish i can fly

Here i am
Laying on the grass
Time pass
The world is moving
Yet i m still
Enchanted to kill
My peaceful years
With striking bullets of fear

silence is healing
wish it wasn't too loud
tasting the drops of rain
warm and salty
like the tears of pain
raised my hand to the sky
embodied my whole with a try
touching my destiny
with a magical stick
we will click
my star and I
only if i could just fly.

this one is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who will certainly learn how to fly one day..:)

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