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Thursday, February 25, 2010

the loud silence..(at the door step)

the phone rang twice
she was on her way out
at the door she turned around
her purse fell on the ground
so did her heart
loud voices screamed out of her
silence was noisy
when the noise was silent
the years flew by like a filmstrip
smiles and tears
hopes and fears
broken promises
fulfilled invitations to hell
pretending all is just well
shattered at the thought of the farewell
the ringing starts again
so did her agony in a refrain
trembled wrinkles
agitated cheeks
scattered at her own shell
it was never just a ringing bill
how can i shut this silence off?
how can i breathe your absence
like the formula of my existence?
how did you manage to set free
your own proclaimed lifetime refugee?
the ringing didn't stop
she kneeled to hold the purse
blessed with the fatal curse
of resistance
she closed the door
reached the first floor
when the silence is still loud
but in her heart
the ringing stopped
along with the life beats.

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