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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Kite..

The innocent young boy
Was holding his kite
It’s almost midnight
But it just flew away
There was nothing he could say
He watched it fading
In the deepest ocean
Chained with emotion
He tried to play alright
What a fight!
Same colors
And just as bright..
Why do I miss my kite..?
Wondering in his heart
Why are we just so apart?
Come back to me dear kite
I ll paint your tail..
With black and white
No more shades of gray
No more running away
He watched the shooting star
Made his secret wish
And blew his scented candles off
Holding his colored fall
He was never a whole
His soul was aching
His tears were breaking
To the ocean he had his sight
May be one day, he will get it back
Colored so bright
His running away kite…

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