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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happiness is You...

How can i write happiness?
this overwhelming feeling i have
no words are fair enough 
even silence seems as tough
its out of all the languages league
so much in me you intrigue
i never knew i was allowed to such joy!
never in my wildest dreams i could imagine
your generous eyes passing by my name
igniting my reviving flame
out of the ashes of despair
you saved my heart 
in the most Chevalier stunt
holding my presence in yours
feeling my loving in pours
tenderly holding my hand
to where you colossally stand 
like i touched my shooting star
hugged the moon waving from afar
and it was nearly twilight
it never felt more right
no wrongs where you are

How can i explore this madness?
me the one who claims the game of words
i dropped speechless at your generous verse
wordless like a blank space
radiating of your beaming face
i identify in a dimples flash 
like all the birds are singing to my ears
and all the buds are dancing just for me
suddenly my desert is turned into heaven
and the thirsty hope got  a lifesaving splash
of your loving rain
finally i have no more room for pain
my wind fell softly like a summer breeze
so at ease
within your heart
like a fresh new start
a baby's first step
into bliss
like the very first kiss 
which taste never leaves your lips
i feel safe just in your arms
even if it was just for a second,
i keep it in me as a lifetime   
ah my dear Neruda if you were here
i knew you wouldn't mind for
Tonight, i can only write the happiest lines. 



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