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Sunday, May 18, 2014


You didn't set me free
i am forever your refugee
your prison and the key
the amateur
and the expertee
i run to you from you
knowing it all
and having no clue
cheerful and blue
your one eyed darkness
and the whole heart view
i am unchained in your sky
the serenaded Nightingale
and the muted melody

Trapped and not
held yet dropped
rolling around your wondering dot
like a drunken dice
pushing its luck at your roulette
dancing around the winner slot
taken to where you are then left
knowing it all
i laughed and beautifully wept
i don't know if i am rising in your heart
or falling into the arms of your melancholy 

Is it your eye?or mine?
that shiver running along my spine
those bragging signs
hanging a tear off the missing line
but you are mine
in my dreams we are fine
strong Coffee and red wine
inviting the moon at cloud number nine
you the mortal and the divine
and i burn in between your lips
like an unspoken word
like a story that shall remain untold
warm and cold
a shy dare to be bold
for you i pause to unfold
naked in a haunting verse
that sets me free
breathing you in like an infatuating scent
peeling you off my glittered skin
just to tuck you in 
where the gates of hell break lose   
pleading in you guilty as my most virtuous sin
with lifetimes Exile sentence  
Sprinkled upon my pleasures kingdoms
loosened in love and tied in your own Ecstatic liberty.



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